The reasons why Vigrx Plus is the best option for you

If you are struggling with sex then Vigrx Plus is the best option for you so that you can stay strong as it helps in opening the blood vessels around the penis area so that blood can enter the area. It will also help you to get harder and stronger erection along with improving the size of your penis over time. Vigrx Plus also helps in increasing the size of your penis permanently and it also helps in treating every kind of sexual related problems. It consists of all the natural ingredients and hence you will not have to worry about any kind of side effects.

Vigrx Plus is very effective for all your sexual needs as it is the best product that can keep you strong on bed. This product also creates stimulation in your tissues and nerves in the penile area. It also helps in keeping your sex drive intact during sex so that you can get permanent results.

Penis Pumps And How They Work

Penis pumps are some of the popular devices designed to help men enlarge their penis sizes. These products have been around for quite some time and have been used by numerous people already. Finding penis pumps should not be a daunting problem and they come in various designs and brands. However, not all products you run into will depict desirable characteristics. It is therefore important to keenly review the offers but first, you should know penis pumps and how you can use them to achieve your goals.

So what is a penis pump?

Essentially, a penis pump is a device designed to help you enlarge the size of your penis. There are different types of pumps although vacuum penile pumps are the most popular. It is commonly known as the vacuum constriction device which uses a vacuum to make the penis erect and therefore enlarge its size gradually.

How does it work?


The biggest question people ask about the penis pump is how they work and if they are safe. The product is marketed as a vacuum constriction device. It keeps your penis erect for considerably long period that is sufficient to trick the body into developing this area. The body generally reacts to given stimuli and when you experience increased tension (caused by the vacuum) it immediately reacts by expanding the area. More nutrients and muscle development will occur resulting in a larger penis. Although many consider the penis pump an outdated solution, it is still highly recommended by urologists. The device mainly comprises of an acrylic tube which uses a pumping mechanism. It can be a squeeze ball, plunger, a hand grip or an electrical device. As you pump, air leaves the tube creating a vacuum that increases blood flow into the erectile tissues. Once you have an erection, you then push a ring to the base of the penis to lock fluid within the tissues and maintain erection. While some descriptions of penis pumps include spongy, numb, cold and purplish, it is considered very effective and satisfactory for people with ED. In fact, urologists have used it as the perfect solution in cases where PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra have failed.

Benefits of penis pumps

The advantages of using a penis pump to increase your penile size are quite obvious and straightforward. It is a cost effective way that does not need any reinvestment and can be used over-and-over until you meet your goals. It also triggers a natural process and the ring can safely help you maintain an erection for much longer. However, pumps are not effective for those who expect sudden increase in penis size. Rather, it is designed to help you maintain an erection and it is this sustained erection that gradually causes the body to start expanding the erectile tissues. Unlike drugs like Viagra, the pump has no adverse side effect as it is an out-of-the-body procedure. For men with ED (erectile dysfunction), it may become necessary to use the pump each time just like PDE5 inhibitors are used. However, you do not have to worry about issues of dependence and addiction or other negative effects of using drugs and supplements. If you want penis pumps to increase the length and girth of your penis, then you need to use it three to four times per week for close to four months.

Finding the best pump

There are many different designs of penis pumps in the market ranging from hand pumps to electric devices. Finding one should not consume much time and your urologist can easily refer you to the marketplace. However, not all such products will meet your needs. Others depict undesirable characteristics and are painful when worn. Some are simply ineffective and have insufficient pumping ability. It is therefore important to keenly evaluate and review the pumps before spending your money. You should also ensure you purchase from credible licensed businesses that are allowed to operate in the area.


It is important to know the penis pump you have and how they work before using them. The market has several sub-standard products which you risk buying every time you go shopping for such items. This is why it is advisable to carefully review the offers. This way, you will always land genuine quality products that can meet your needs.

Penis Enlargement Pills: Do They Work? Are the Results Permanent?

Almost every guy out there wishes they were bigger down there. A good number of guys have wished for their member to be an inch or longer as well as an added girth. This explains the large number of advertisements for penis-enlargement procedures and products present everywhere. There are so many pills, pumps, exercises, weights as well as surgeries that claim to help in increasing the length and girth of your penis. However, specialists claim that there is little or no scientific support to back the effectiveness of these nonsurgical methods in increasing the penis size. A huge number of the methods and pills advertised out there are in real sense ineffective. Below is a focus on penis enlargement pills to find out if they really work and whether their results are permanent:

Do they really Work?

When studying the effectiveness of the penis enlargement pills, you will come across a number of diverse opinions. A large number of professionals in this field will deny that these pills ever work. However, it is possible that you would meet a person who is taking the sex pills that work for them perfectly. This will leave you wondering which the correct case is in this regard. Most professionals do not believe that these penis enlargement pills ever work and even discourage people from using them. They cite that these pills have dangerous side effects later on and they do not have any scientific evidence to back them up.

Men’s Health magazine ran a story that claimed that none of the male enhancement products (pills, pumps and potions) work at all. The report further claimed that no pill, creams or enhancement products have been scientifically-proven to have helped in increasing the size of the penis. AskMen on the other hand added that most supplements claim that they deliver over 30% growth when they are used. The report concluded that the only party gaining from the sale of these supplements are the companies that manufacture them. This led to the advice to many men out there to keep their money lest they fall victims and purchase these non-working pills.

User’s Accounts

A number of sources as shown above claim that these penis enlargement pills do not work at all but a number of men who have used them claim that they work. These men can testify that these pills deliver great results. A number of men who have used a supplement like Vimax, which is a leading natural supplement for men, attest that it did really help them achieve their results. One user from New York attested that Vimax pills helped him achieve powerful and much stronger erections and was happy with the pill. These pills help in improving sexual performance and boosting sex drive and stamina.

Bottom Line

Overall, we cannot say for sure if the penis enlargement pills work or not. Different people have received different results from using these pills. The results are not permanent as the manufacturers claim and it is not advisable to rely on these pills for the long term to achieve the needed growth.

Male Extra – Penis Enlargement Made Easy

male-extra-ingredientsMale Extra has helped many men to get large, strong and long enduring erections for the years many people have come to love it. The medicines reasonably expensive but they save a lot of time and worries. This medicine are definitely worth it for every man to try them.

What is Male Extra medicines?

Male Extra is a male sexual organ improvement brand that gives a number of good things for your male sexual organ size and its working. This brand won the best male sexual organ medicine brand of the year in 2009 and it had an update in its recipe in 2013 that has fashioned the brand even more efficient

The results of male extra

  • Harder erections
    Longer enduring erections
    Boosts male sexual organ length
    Boosts male sexual organ width

Benefits of male extra

The brand does three things for you that you will profit from during the time you use them:

Lengthy and harder male sexual organ – This is the main profit and the one that most men preferBoost sexual desire – Are you desiring sex every night and day? Most men do not have sexual desire when they enter their thirties and it only get worse as time goes onSexual health and working – This brand ensures that you get longer enduring erections and more control of the same.

male-extra-reviewWhy men use this medicine

Some men’s my body usually change when they turn 30 but feel like they have hit a stone with their sexual workings. They lose most of their sexual desire and they experienced tough time getting a strong erection even if they are with sexy, beautiful girls. Their attitude gets down to an all-time low after a few. They are usually not the kind of persons who uses medicines for anything. They did their best to stay as original as possible. A lot of research was done and it was realized that pomegranate was the answer to all many sexual working complications and started to use it each morning and it worked well. Their sexual desire began to raise to a whole new level and sex was great again for them

How Male Extra work

The pomegranate and L-Arginine which is another additive boosts the level of nitric oxide in your body which widen the blood vessels in the corpora cavenosa area of the male sexual organ. This leads to a bigger male sexual organ, harder erections and more in charge over your erections.


The medicines are a bit costly, but discounts are offered on the 4 and 6 months on every supply packages.This is not really that crucial but the male website is really slow on the browser and it is a bit of a waiting game each time you have ordered this brand.The medicine do not work immediately it is more like a long term solution to your complications.


It gives much tough and harder erections unlike before.The erect male sexual organ size is always boosted firmly after 10 monthsYou do not feel any side effects at all, it is good because of the 100% natural additives.You do not have to spend 15-20 min. cleansing pomegranate each dawn.The desire for sex is large and you will always be ready to perform in bed.

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Why Guys Become Emotionally Distant

Guys are for all intents and purposes an alternate animal group than young ladies. They are sensible and expository while young women are emotional and sustaining. Inside a month or two of dating, you ought to have the capacity to decide your person’s correspondence style, on the off chance that he is tranquil or on the off chance that he communicates. Does he quiet down amid high anxiety times? Does he play a lot of games when he is pushed? Does he pull back into his reality when he has an issue? Does he impact by talking if there is an issue? Does he shut you out when he is having an issue? Following a few months, you ought to have the capacity to decide why he gets distant and imagine a scenario in which there is something annoying him.

There are a couple of various methodologies you can take for discovering his explanation behind the separation. Push, fatigue, the need and yearning for the opportunity, the requirement for sex, and maintaining a strategic distance from struggle are a couple of reasons why guys get distant. Most guys manage stretch or some other issue through disguising and attempting to unravel it all alone. Guys are not talkers as are young ladies. They are more independent with regards to managing feelings because guys are more investigative and objective than most girls are. They have to work out whatever issue they are having. Truth be told, guys are entirely straightforward characters. The more space you give him and watch his activities, the more you will perceive how shortsighted he is. Perused on to take in more about the explanations behind the emotional separation.

On the off chance that he is pushed, don’t bring about additional by asking what the issue is. The more you press by asking what isn’t right, the more he will pull away. Give him a chance to have alone time to work an answer. When he goes to a determination yourself, he will skip back with adoration, support, and consideration.

On the off chance that he is exhausted in the relationship, then he is emotionally separating himself from you. When he reveals to you the reason for the weariness, you can choose whether you need to settle it.

He may feel suffocated and feel the requirement for flexibility. He may feel that you are getting excessively clingy and that he needs, making it impossible to invest more energy with his companions. He needs his freedom once more. He should have the capacity to do what he needs when he needs to do it. If he has an inclination that he is affixed to you, he is going to remove himself from you lastly split away emotionally.

There comes the point in a relationship where a person says, “I’m simply not into her any longer” but rather despite everything he needs to have intercourse. On the off occasion, you approve of the companions with advantages circumstance, then extraordinary. However, if you need all the more yet he won’t offer it to you, then it may be an ideal opportunity to pack up and proceed onward. Give him a chance to mope around in his separation.

Guys jump at an opportunity to evade struggle on the off chance that they can. They hush to keep an argument if conceivable. On the off chance that you are the kind of young ladies who detonates at the drop of a dime, it may be an excellent opportunity to reexamine your approach. All things considered, only that might be the reason for his separation.

Testosterone Overload Symptoms

Testosterone is often marketed and thought of as a good thing, giving you enhanced energy levels, sex drive and those all-important muscles. While it is well-known that low testosterone levels can lead to complications, too much testosterone can also result in devastating symptoms and conditions.

Some people are born with unnaturally high levels of testosterone, others develop this over time. Perhaps you’ve been taking a certain testosterone enhancing supplement or are undertaking Testosterone Replacement Therapy and that has resulted in some strange symptoms. Either way, the side effects and symptoms of testosterone overload are an important signal to seek medical advice and help.

Common Symptoms of Testosterone Overload:

  • More Prone to Injuries.
  • Higher Inclination to Engage in Risky Behaviours (eg. Criminal Behaviour + Substance Abuse).
  • Very High Sex Drive.
  • Shortened Temper and Increased Aggression Levels (eg. Road-Rage).
  • Reducing Social Interactions (eg. Preferring to Stay Home and Keep to Yourself).

Major Symptoms of Testosterone Overdose:

  • Blurred Vision.
  • Headaches.
  • Slurred Speech.
  • Sudden Weakness in the Arm or Leg on One Side of the Body.
  • Seizures.
  • Sudden Inability to Speak.
  • Temporary Blindness.

In the case of the major symptoms listed above, it is advised to seek medical attention immediately. Below, we will discuss some of the more common signs of very high testosterone levels:

Mood Swings, Water Retention and Breast Sensitivity

One of the less well-known side effects of too much testosterone is, in fact, too much estrogen. Because there is too much testosterone in the body, more than can be used, it is often converted into estrogen. While a natural level of estrogen is imperative for a good balance of hormones in the male body, too much of this hormone can cause nasty side-effects such as breast sensitivity, gynecomastia, high blood pressure and water retention. Mood swings are also a common symptom of this problem. In this instance, estrogen inhibitors and blockers are a potential remedy.

Hair Loss and Balding

Male pattern balding and hair loss is another symptom that many associate with testosterone overdose. This is a controversial issue and while there is a direct correlation between DHT levels and hair loss, it is still unclear as to whether hair loss is a direct result of increased levels of testosterone.

Shrinking Testicles

When testosterone levels are very high, the body instructs the testicles to halt the production thereof. It does this by shutting off production of the luteinizing hormone which is responsible for instructing the testicles to produce the testosterone hormone. As a result, the testicles will usually shrink in size until the factory starts up again.

Acne and Oily Skin

Oily skin and acne are a common symptom of testosterone overdose. Usually, these will be mild side-effects of increased testosterone levels but they can become severe when the increased T-level is accompanied by elevated levels of DHT. Fortunately, there are various remedies for these symptoms and side effects.


If you are experiencing some of the above-mentioned symptoms or suspect that your hormone levels may be abnormal, call your doctor and book a testosterone test. There is a wide range of different treatments available.

Should You Take A Semen Enhancer?

A high number of men are worried about how they can improve their levels of orgasm and how best and fast they can get to recover immediately after each of them. A good number of men are looking for ways to gain the ability of satisfying their partners fully during their love-making sessions. Men worry a lot about these thoughts together with the worry about the size and thickness of penises. There are a number of suggested ways of dealing with these concerns and chief among them is increasing the amount of semen. There are certain supplements that are manufactured to help in this function, referred to as the semen enhancers. They are not drugs but rather form part of vitamin supplements. Despite the high reviews various users give concerning these semen enhancers, it is important to consider whether it is absolutely necessary to take them. Below we consider some of the facts surrounding the use of the semen enhancers:

Advantages of using Semen Enhancers

When the semen enhancers are taken on a daily basis, a man will be able to notice an increase in the amount of semen they produce. There are claims that they increase the semen amount by up to 500%. This increase also heightens the level of orgasm and the man experiences a great sensation as they climax and ejaculate during sex. Semen enhancers will offer a fulfilling sensation to the man and prolongs it making the love making session a well fulfilling one. Another great advantage of using the semen enhancers is the completion of manhood as it brings about an increase in the sperm count. This improvement enables men to impregnate their partners easily.

Should You Take Semen Enhancers?

It is not a must that you should take these semen enhancers as there a number of ways that could help you achieve a higher semen amount. These include staying hydrated, doing kegel exercises, working out and taking healthy diets. Sadly, the modern lifestyle has changed a lot in terms of diets, health and environment. A good number of men take alcohol, smoke and do not hydrate their bodies well thereby adding to the problem of having a lower semen production. This affects their orgasms as they are not as strong and satisfying as they ought to be with more semen being ejaculated. The sperm count produced by such men is of a lower quality and poor mobility.

All the above issues make it necessary for men to seek an alternative to supplement their diets and enhance their production of more semen. They resort to popping the natural herbal pills to help them increase their semen volume as well as help them get explosive, enjoyable and longer lasting orgasms. The natural semen enhancer pills are safer to use, affordable and great alternatives to use instead of prescription drugs. They also work effectively with a number of users claiming that they notice the difference within a period of using them.


If you want to have better sex, increase your fertility and enjoy stronger ejaculations, it would be necessary to use these semen enhancers. It would be important to ensure that you choose the natural supplements to avoid any side effects. They are great alternatives to help you add to your semen amount when you notice it is inadequate.

3 Reasons To Increase Your Penis Size

How would you feel if you had a penis that is too short or too thin? If every time you had sex the woman would not give you a positive feedback? How would you feel if everyone laughed and joked about the size of your penis? You may be among the few wondering if it may be possible at all to increase your penis size. Well, every man anywhere in the world fancies having that big penis that all the girls will keep talk about and coming back for more of the experience. Most men have gone an extra mile to find ways to increase their penis size. There are several ways to do so, though not scientifically proven to give 100% results. These methods include; male enhancement pills and supplements, penis stretchers, surgery, natural stretching and jelqing. There is definitely no quick way to increase the size of a penis and these methods even with their unreliability factor require you to continually use them for a long time before gaining the results you so much want to achieve.

Why would anyone want to increase their Penis size? There are several reasons to name, but I will just explain three:

1. A Boost in Confidence

There is a sense of grandeur in every man that possesses a well built long penis. This heavily applies to sportsmen especially in the locker rooms or while wearing a tight piece of clothing that reveals the bulge. Ones confidence is raised when a woman appreciates the size of penis you have especially during sex. With a bigger penis you are more confident to explore new sexual positions never before tried out.

2. Better Sexual Performance

A research done at the university of California shows that women prefer wide penises only for short term sexual experiences but still prefer their lifetime partner to have a more than average penis size. 90% of the women prefer a wider penis to a longer one. This is due to the fact that a wider penis would actually increase the arousal and climax chances than a longer penis. There are those men that attain the girth and length women like during a sexual encounter leading them to enjoy the best sexual experience.

3. Longer and Harder Erections

It is somewhat disappointing to find out that you can not last long in bed. Men with Longer and larger erections tend to have a large sperm count. So with every ejaculation they make, it does not look like a little squeak and place you in an embarrassing situation. With a lasting erection, one can so easily enjoy sex to the fullest without the constant embarrassment of being unable to hold out for so long. No matter how good a man may view himself as, his sex performance is always defined by his erection.

It feels so good to have a penis big enough to enjoy sex fully. So if you go down the road of increasing your penis for this matter, make sure to chose the right method for you. Get consultation from professionals in order to make the right choice.

Sexual Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety, or fear related to sexual performance, is a common occurrence among men and women. In fact, at most, people have suffered from this fear at one point or the other. However, for some, this issue can be more than a temporary inconvenience and can lead to long term adverse affects- such as poor self-esteem and aversion to having a sexual relationship.

The first thing you need to do to overcome your sexual performance anxiety is to make sure that you are not suffering from a health problem. This can be verified by observing your sexual arousal and erection when alone. If you are unable to have an erection even in the absence of a partner, it is recommended that you consult a doctor to rule out a medical problem.

If you do not have a health problem, you may be suffering from performance anxiety. Now while it is an issue to deal with, it does not mean that you make it worse by constant negative thinking. Stop thinking about the problem and proceed to the solution.

It is important that you regularly take part in physical activities and sports. This not only improves your mood, it also enhances blood circulation and increases physical energy levels in your body. Physical activities improve your overall health, including sexual health.


In addition to physical activities, it is also crucial that you have a calm mind. This can be achieved with the help of relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation. This will help reduce turmoil in your mind and bring inner peace, which is important for enjoying sex.

Another thing you can do to reduce your performance anxiety is to improve your lifestyle and adopting healthy habits. Stay away from alcohol, nicotine, drugs. Minimize the consumption of processed food and eat natural foods. Get adequate sleep and rest every day. Try to reduce your stress levels at work and home.

Finally, move slowly in your relationship and avoid running into a sexual encounter. Focus on getting to know the person better and not on the sexual act alone. You will notice that your performance anxiety evaporate as you get to know your partner better.

3 Exercises That Boost Libido Fast

A vast majority of men experience a dip in their sex drive as they move towards middle age. In order to boost your libido or sex drive, it is important to eliminate factors that are responsible for bringing down your sexual appetite. One of the most important factors that affect libido in men is reduced blood flow to the penis. This can be a result of being overweight, physically inactive or other factors such as excessive smoking, etc.

A drop in testosterone is another factor that takes a toll on your libido. It is the hormone that controls a lot of important and crucial function in your body. Unfortunately, testosterone levels begin dropping after 30 at about 10% a decade. There are men who lose testosterone at a faster rate and feel the effects sharply. This drop in your testosterone levels not only reduces your sexual appetite and trigger erectile dysfunction but also lead to a whole lot of body and behavioral changes.

Another significant factor that affects libido in men is stress. Increased stress can affect your body and mind in extreme ways. Increases stress leads to a drop in testosterone levels which is bad for your libido. Exercises enable the body to increase its energy levels. This means that as one rises from one energy level to another in anticipation for orgasm, there would be no loss of energy. The heart rate is made to rise to the occasion and pump enough blood and energy that would be required. The following are 3 Exercises That Boost Libido Fast:

1. Boost Blood flow to the Penis

  • Regular exercise is the best way to increase blood flow to the genitals. Exercises of the lower body such as squats and lunges are great in this aspect.
  • Foods that are rich in essential fats like Omega 3 not only help unclog your arteries but also keep them well-oiled to encourage better blood circulation in your body. Olives, olive oil, canola, peanuts, almonds, fish like tuna and salmons are great examples of such foods.
  • Quit smoking since nicotine restricts blood flow to the penis by clogging your arteries.

2. Boost Testosterone Levels and Natural libido supplements.

  • Regular and intense workouts are great for enhancing testosterone production in your body. Squats, bench press, military presses, chin ups are extremely effective exercises as far as increasing testosterone is concerned.
  • Foods that are rich in zinc also help boost testosterone production in your body. Oysters, red meat, nuts and beans, milk, poultry etc., are best examples of such foods.

3. Reduce Stress

  • Stop worrying about little things. This can help reduce stress
  • Controlling your temper is also extremely important if you really want to reduce stress. At times, things do go wrong and are beyond your control. Getting angry hardly helps!
  • Take deep breaths. Deep breathing exercises can also help reduce stress.
  • Take breaks in between your work. Living in a fast paced world is not easy but you must remember that you are not a machine. Even machines need downtime for maintenance. Try getting a 15-20 minutes nap in lunch time. Not only this, keep your weekends free and just relax.
  • Meditation and Yoga can also help.

Natural libido supplements can be a great help in improving your libido and curing erectile problems as well. Such supplements not only increase blood flow to the penis but also help your body increase its own testosterone production.